Why Remote Resource Management Software is Crucial in this Covid-19 Situation

December 29, 2020

Resource Management is the effective deployment of employees across the organization whenever and wherever they are needed. In the parallel universe, a normal world free of Covid-19, it was easy for organizations to manage their in-house resources, not just human resources but also finances, equipment, data, information, etc., with manual processes or pre-made resource management software.

Pandemic and Organizations

However, with the current pandemic intervention, organizations were forced to close down their businesses and work from home. And unfortunately, most organizations weren’t ready for it considering they didn’t have any remote resource management software or their own online platforms to connect, collaborate, and track business activities.

To say the least, a resource is the most crucial part of any business. If you don’t have a plan in hand, unfortunately, your business will suffer enormously. This is why, even after almost a year in the pandemic, most organizations haven’t thought of acquiring a customized remote resource management software. However, now it has become necessary to adapt to these changes and invest in rock-solid resource management software.

Managing resources across the globe while sitting at home isn’t an easy task, yet it is one of the most important management activities managed by project managers. Even the most skilled managers are struggling with managing projects and resources in this pandemic because of several causes, such as:

  1. Inappropriate Capacity Planning – Most organizations don’t know how many resources would be needed to complete projects in their given timelines because they can’t simply calculate the project baseline manually.
  2. Unrealistic Project Completion Schedules – To get the project, deciding managers commit to unrealistic project completion schedules. And with inadequate planning, such as resources constraints including time, funds, available resources, etc., are not considered.
  3. Incompetent Transition of Resources Across Projects – It is important to see schedules of the resources on how many projects they are working on, how much current capacity they have to take on any other projects, or be allocated on a shared one. Unfortunately, most project managers feel clueless about resource tracking and allocations because of the absence of automated resource management software.

Importance of Remote Resource Management in Pandemic

The ongoing pandemic situation has added to it, and managers are facing issues that are much more complexed. As we know, the whole world has been brought to a standstill situation, and with the intrusion of the second wave, it seems like Covid-19 is not going away soon. Thus, considering the situation, it has become crucially important for businesses to adapt to new work changes. Furthermore, it is better to invest in customized software instead of relying on third-party software that may not work out in the longer term and may require expensive customizations frequently. As the current situation suggests, work from home will be the new normal for the future. Thus, preparing for it would be the smart choice to make as soon as you can.

The quick transition of working from home is in the process, and many organizations have moved to work from home permanently. The growing number of employees working from home has made it necessary for organizations to have their own dedicated remote resource management software. With having your own customized resource management application, you can plan, allocate, and utilize resources such as people, online facilities, equipment, payrolls, and other important assets, optimally.

With your own customized resource management software, project managers can keep track of all activities under one roof without worrying about missing any important details. They can decide what resources will be working on which projects based on their availability to bring the optimum results.

To wrap it up in simple points, a customized remote resource management software should be able to provide the following features, but not limited to:

  • Tracking and allocation of resources in a controlled environment
  • Data Management
  • Payroll and other finances
  • Time and attendance records
  • Tracking of ongoing projects and roles/employees assigned to each
  • Optimization of resource utilization
  • Flexible with a user-friendly interface
  • Leave Management

Plus, a personalized software that offers customizable templates, reports, and graphics is the one to go with. With such supplementary features, organizations can always visually demonstrate the gap between resource availability, planned work, and overall project timelines.

So, if you are a business that still hasn’t thought about the long-term reliable resource management solution, then now is the time. If you need any assistance in understanding the resource management software or planning to have your own, please feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to offer personalized solutions for your business.

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