Top Mobile App Trends in 2020

November 12, 2020

Mobile app development services are becoming the standard for how businesses interact with customers. The accelerated speed at which technology develops and is integrated into the consumer marketplace means that our San Diego mobile app development team likes to keep an eye towards the future when developing an app for clients.

Here are some of the most recent mobile app development trends you can focus your attention on when choosing a mobile app development service.

5G Optimization

If your mobile app development plan isn’t focused on 5G now, it will need to be in the future. With a speed up to 100 times faster than 4G, this new mobile technology is going to change the scale of what mobile app development teams can do on a consumer scale, and that means that understanding the technology and being able to scope your projects to accommodate the new phones your customers are using is integral to successful custom mobile app development.

5G can assist with everything from more sophisticated security encryption to state of the art 3D mobile gaming. For now, most developers will want to optimize their apps for 5G while still making it accessible to people with older devices. But hypothetically, 5G really raises the ceiling on what can be accomplished in an app – especially with streaming – and lets developers really work the limits of hardware in ways they haven’t been able to until now.

IoT Compatibility

Mobile devices aren’t just about interacting with the internet. They’re increasingly focused on interacting with the real world – and as more and more common appliances are equipped with WiFi capabilities, mobile app development trends are heading towards apps that offer greater interactivity with what’s known as the “Internet of Things”.

That doesn’t mean that you need to pivot your mobile app to focus exclusively on interacting with household appliances but looking at the bigger picture can help you immeasurably. Consider the app you’re trying to develop, and carefully consider what interactions with other devices could help improve its data collection and overall functionality.

Beacon Technology

Beacon technology blends together the real world and the virtual world in much the same way that the Internet of Things does, offering users curated content depending on their GPS coordinates. Fundamentally, these beacons aren’t that complicated. They’re simply small Bluetooth transmitters that can send alerts to phones within a certain proximity.

But a simple solution can be incredibly versatile, especially when looking at apps that connect with brick and mortar storefronts. Beacons can provide shoppers with targeted ads and a more guided shopping experience, and business owners can receive important metrics on how people interact with their layouts. Beacon technology will likely be a major factor in the ability of apps to bridge the digital and real worlds. And since beacons require an app to be on a shopper’s phone to send a message, app development is critical to the functionality of beacon technology.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR and AR take that bridge one step further by literally superimposing a digital reality on top of the real world. They’re also increasingly becoming a popular choice for app development. Hit apps like Pokemon Go and Snapchat wouldn’t have found their audience without augmented reality, but it’s being used in more mundane ways as well. AR can help users see how appliances and furniture will look in their house, navigate more complex buildings where traditional GPS navigation isn’t feasible, and offer a paper-free alternative to menus through the use of AR codes.

If you’re interested in working with a San Diego mobile app development company who knows the trends, contact Odyssey Computing today!

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