Top 3 Technology Trends of 2017

November 15, 2016

As 2016 comes to a close it is only natural to ponder as to the coming year and what may be in store from a technological standpoint. This includes not only new devices on the hardware side, but also the exciting possibilities on the software development side as innovation breeds greater more immersive experiences.  Here are a few of the likely greatest technology trends for 2017.

AI and Machine Learning

2017 will likely be the year of AI and other advanced machine learning technologies. This includes applications which can understand, adapt, and even predict behavior, largely driven by today’s extensive processing power, innovative algorithms, and access to colossal data sets.  In fact, there is hardly an industry that could not benefit from AI enabled capabilities, to be used to refine offers and the experience of customers. Thus, we should see a considerable surge by the world’s top companies exploiting any and every possibility. This also includes building intelligent ‘things’ which will harness the power of AI enabled systems.

Augmented Reality

So far, the capabilities of virtual and augmented reality have yet to be fully tapped in terms of commercial and consumer based applications, given their relative infancy and expense, however, we are likely reaching a tipping point in terms of accessibility.  In 2016 we were given a taste of mainstream AR with the insurmountable success of Pokémon Go, which was no doubt just the beginning of what is to come. Some even predict the technology will expand beyond mostly visual sense, to include all 5 senses or some variation based on the use case.  Regardless, the number of potentialities is exciting. Look out for some exciting announcements surrounding these technologies in the coming year.

Cloud based apps

It is not surprising the cloud is the future, not only logistically but based on user expectation, as 75% of all smartphone users now prefer applications with great cloud support.  Users want to be able to switch between any and every device without losing access to their data in addition to other usability benefits that come with a reliable back end. With this is mind, cloud integration as well as multi-device support will only become easier for the enterprise as the technology is perfected for even more seamless developments.

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