Stages of Development

Software Development Process

In order to achieve the best results we utilize a fourfold software development process that proceeds only as each stage is finalized and approved by you. Before any foundation can be built, the development lifecycle begins with thorough software development strategy.

Step 01


We have been at the forefront of software development for over three decades building truly innovative products through thoughtful strategy.

Every new software development project begins with an ideation phase, setting a solid foundation by outlining all goals and objectives needed to bring an application to fruition. We have found that successful projects take attentive planning. A lot of companies take the develop-as-we-go approach, believing they can jump into a project and everything will just fall into place. However, this short-minded thinking often leads to problems in the long run.


We Plan Before We Actually Do

Our multi-faceted project team will work closely with you to determine all the necessary requirements needed to bring your application to life.

We take the time to understand all of your long and short term goals, business objectives, and user needs so that we can come up with the best strategy possible. Once we have set all groundwork in the form of a solid plan, our creative team can begin laying out design.

Step 02


A great custom application isn’t just useful, it’s visually appealing and provides the user with an enjoyable experience.

That’s where great design comes in. We want your application to not only meet all of your objectives, but have the look and feel you always imagined. Our creative team will work tirelessly to bring your ideas to visual reality. We don’t just want you to be satisfied. We want to far exceed your expectations.


We Bring your Ideas to Life

With clear direction and solid strategy, the ideas are translated into detailed wireframes.

After we have established clear direction in the form of a solid strategy, our talented UX designers work closely to translate your ideas into a detailed wireframe showcasing workflow and basic screen layouts. Once the wireframe is approved by you, our creative graphic designers work closely to translate this concept into a rich design. Development will not begin until all design has been finalized by you.

Step 03


Translating an original design into a functioning custom application takes expertise. That’s where years of experience makes all the difference.

Watch your concepts become a reality, with the flexibility to adapt as your project progresses. Our project teams are multi-faceted and consist typically of a senior lead software architect, a software manager, UX designer, graphic designer, and several dedicated software developers who work closely together to ensure all grounds are covered.


Let Us Construct Your Ideas

Our software manager works directly with the customer to determine the necessary technical specifications and communicates that information to the rest of the team.

By using Agile Methodology, we develop in short, yet effective cycles of 1 to 2 weeks in duration giving you the opportunity to provide us with feedback along the way, before continuing with the next iteration of development. We ensure quality has been met in every cycle of development by concluding each cycle with a phase of meticulous testing.

Step 04


After a final round of coding, your application is ready for its final review. We believe in providing end-to-end solutions which are solid and can stand the test of time.

To deliver on this, we put our software through rigorous testing schemes of which we have developed and evolved with our diverse experience with a wide array of products. Not only do we employ testing, but test from the start and integrate it into our normal development cycles. When a product becomes too big for unit testing to flush out problems, we use various load testing and automation suites to make sure our code is running smoothly.


We Deliver To Your Fingertips

Once we finalize a project, our work together isn’t finished yet.

We are here to support you, you users, and train your team for as long as you need it. We strive to maintain solid relationships with our clients, every step of the way. In addition to ongoing support, we help with any additional needs you may having including management, hosting, assistance with app store submissions, and more.

We can't wait to hear all your ideas!