Software Development Consulting

You don’t have to have a substantial development project on the horizon to utilize our expertise. We also offer software development consulting services to clients big and small on all types of projects in various shapes and sizes. Regardless of your current needs, we are here to support you.

As comprehensive experts in software development, we can help you actualize solutions for your current needs, whether it be assistance in formulating requirements, architecture design, user interface design, you name it, we can help. Or, if you just need someone to review your progress to ensure you’re on the right track, we are happy to provide you with an extensive review and advice for anything ranging from code style, architecture, security, and more.

For projects without a clear outline, we can always begin based on time and materials, then later switch to a fixed cost regimen when goals and projects become more defined. We are as flexible as necessary in order to accommodate your needs. Our goal, after all, is to help you succeed!


Take Advantage of Our Expertise

We have also had several clients who started their projects using off-shore developers which ultimately went awry. Since there are high demands for cheap off-shore development work, these off-shore companies will hire virtually anyone, resulting in high turnover rates. Language, cultural, and time zone barriers also drastically and adversely affect projects. Although going off-shore can seem like the best option due to tantalizing lower costs, the project can end up taking much longer with many roadblocks along the way. Because of this, there is no replacement for close proximity, experience, and efficiency. Although we strongly advise against it, if you still want to go off-shore, the least you can do to protect yourself is hire an experienced team to manage the project, making sure it moves along as planned. This better ensures the quality of product you’ll receive, as well as provides you with guidance from a knowledgeable partner.

Software Development Consulting

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If you just need some guidance or insight, we are happy to help!


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We are proud of our past work and our clients are proud too! Our professional services and past projects are definitely something to brag about.

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    Along with the user experience design services noted above, we also offer our clients a wide range of general graphic design services including logos and websites in order to satisfy any additional branding or graphical needs.

      Highly Flexible

      We are responsive to the needs of our clients, which is why we offer so many choices in our type of work. Whether it’s a superficial design update or full-scale custom enterprise software, we want to provide you with the best product imaginable.

      • Consulting
      • Graphics
      • Development
      • Continued Support and more!

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      • "Odyssey would be my first choice to contact in the future for assistance..." -Bob kain, Chief Engineering Officer, Illumina
      • “Their professionalism and integrity to get the job done right, far surpasses the expectations…” – Daniel Peña, Chief Executive Officer, Perfectna

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