User Experience / User Interface Design

We aim to create not only visually appealing user interface designs, but want them to be user friendly. Strategizing the right user experience design will make or break a project. For this we always design with the end-user in mind. We think about how someone would actually use a software application before starting development so as to avoid over-designing.

Although user experience design and user interface design are included as part of our overall development process, we often provide standalone design services for those who may already be in business with a developer or have existing development partners.

Startups and other projects still in predevelopment often come to us in order to more formally develop their visions in the form of comprehensive design. Having a visually developed and attractive project helps attract potential investors, and can also satisfy initial board requirements for funding. This can, and often does, include refining use cases, defining and solidifying workflow via wireframes, as well as finalizing vibrant visual designs. All of these together lay the foundation for the development process to come.


Working With Your Design Partners

In some cases we also work with a customer’s standing design partners, review existing designs for feedback and recommendations based on our expertise, or conduct complete app design overhauls for improved experiences. Overall, our extensive knowledge as a full service development house means that our designers work hand in hand with our developers to ideate the best user experiences based on all requirements. It also means we are in the unique position of designing based on best practices and development standards for a smooth and insightful implementation.

User Experience / User Interface Design

Tools & Services

Along with the user experience design services noted above, we also offer our clients a wide range of general graphic design services including logos and websites in order to satisfy any additional branding or graphical needs.


Interactive Prototypes

Some customers like to see their product coming along visually before fully developing its capabilities. For this we can create a prototype of your application so that you can ensure you are getting exactly what you expect. You can also have access to a demonstrative version of the app that can be used for pitches to investors, a demo to appease your board or directors, or anyone else that may require a sneak peak. It’s your product! We want you constantly in the know about everything that is going on and exactly what is being developed.

  • Brand Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Visual Design

Creative Design & Brand Identity

It is important to us that your brand is identifiable and unique. For this we make sure our creative team works closely with you in order to accurately portray your brand identity. Users often form their first opinions based on visuals, so it’s vitally important to set the right initial impression. One that suits your needs and appeals to your targeted audience.

  • Logos
  • Color Schemes

User Interface Design

We design user interfaces to captive the intended audience. A simple yet responsive interface creates a strong foundation, while thoughtful user experience design creates dream functionality for end users.

  • Usability
  • User Experience
  • Effective Design

User Experience Design

We design for people not computers. Usability in a product is vital. Combine usability with appealing and engaging visuals and you have an irreplaceable product.

  • Concise Design
  • Interactive Platforms

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