Quality Assurance: Why is it important in Software Development?

May 26, 2021

Quality assurance plays a critical role in the software development process, thinking how? Let’s learn it.

What is Quality Assurance (QA)?

Consider quality assurance as an umbrella that covers all aspects guaranteeing a premium-quality, high-functioning software product. It works like a bulletproof plan and keeps an eagle eye on the processes for each phase of the development, which helps in reducing bugs, loopholes, and flaws during the buildup process while maintaining the software quality protocols.

What is the Strategic Role of QA in Software Development?

People working in the QA department are responsible for managing the quality of each stage of the software development. The QA team is responsible for reducing the number of bugs in the whole build-up process, identifying the potential risks that may occur during software development, and helping the development team in reproducing the bugs. And this is what matters in the end, no? The software needs to go out there in its complete form without any potential flaws, errors, or threats.

Like any other process, Quality Assurance follows a particular protocol, which is referred to as the PDCA cycle. With different stages: Plan, Do, Check and Act. Having this plan in place ensures the balanced quality of the developed software. Furthermore, with iterative checking and quality control, companies can save time and extra costs. Whether you are a small company or a large enterprise, having a quality team on board can serve as a rescue boat in uncertain times. Let’s dig in further about the PDCA cycle:

Plan: In the planning phase, organizations must plan the process-related objectives and develop workable strategies necessary to complete and deliver high-quality software or end product.

Do: In the do stage, the QA team is required to put the planning into an implementation phase and build sustainable testing of processes. In this stage, strategies are also revised and improved in accordance with what’s needed to ensure smooth delivery.

Check: This is the most crucial stage. QA team monitors and analyzes the development processes, identifies risks, prioritizes tasks, and modifies the functions. They also check whether the functions and processes meet the predetermined objectives or not.

Act: Based on previous data and the current standing of the development process, the QA team takes the necessary decisions to accomplish improvements in the processes.

The Importance of QA in Software Development

Above, we read about what quality assurance is and how it works on the surface level. But why is it crucial to bring value to the project and the overall organization? Here are the reasons explaining why:

Saves Time and Money – Timely detection of bugs, defects, and errors during the early stages of the development process can help in saving time and extra costs.

Competitive and Stable Software – Efficient QA processes and continuous testing of features of the software ensure that the software is stable, competitive, and meets the project requirements, including different factors such as functionality, performance, dependability, security, adaptability, practicality, and usability. The software should be able to work on various platforms and devices as per its initial scope.

Form Iterative Processes – QA team isn’t only for identifying and fixing defects; instead, its ultimate goal is to maintain uninterrupted software development processes to prevent the repetition of bugs and defects and, as a result, improve and modify the quality of future processes.

Safety, Safety, and Safety – Before, during, and after developing any new product or software, what’s that constant aspect that tops the list? Safety! As a team, we need to ask ourselves again and again whether the product that’s been developed is secure, efficient, adaptable, and trustworthy or not?

Apart from these, there is so much that quality assurance can offer. Without it, the project may collapse and may not meet the client’s expectations. To successfully complete a software development cycle, it is essential to incorporate QA in its stages.

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