Speaker Broadcast Web App



A rich web app for the administration of a general announcing and emergency broadcast speaker system.


  • UX Design
  • Front-End
  • Back-End
  • .NET Framework

Speaker System Administration

This single page web application was designed for easy operation of our client's speaker system. Users login to the portal and perform operational tasks based on role based permissions. This includes administering general announcing and emergency broadcasts via pre-recorded default files, live microphone recording, or a text to speech engine.

In addition, users can view detailed speaker status information including any operational faults detected, live broadcasts in progress, and more. If any faults are detected through the API, users are alerted through the portal and can run diagnostics to test speaker functionality and perform self-tests in order to get them back up.



  • Provide for an easy to navigate UI with rich graphical overlays which clearly depict speaker sites and operational statuses.
  • Implement responsive design for scaled display across all devices.
  • Allow for pre-recorded audio messages, microphone recording, and text to speech broadcast capabilities.
  • Provide for a secure connection and user level login based on role based permissions.
  • Account for both admin specific and general user functionalities.
  • Have the server continuously poll each speaker for primary and backup connection status and allow users to run diagnostics.

The entire portal was designed to be visually rich, with speaker sites color coded and overlaid upon scrollable zoomable maps. Speaker sites illuminate during broadcast and adjust in size depending on acoustic area coverage.

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