Money Transfer Mobile App


A world class mobile application built to allow users in the United States to send money internationally through the convenience of their mobile devices.


  • Front-End
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • Back-End

Remittance Payments Made Easy

The money transfer mobile app enables users to skip lines at physical locations and send international payments with ease. Users can send money to over 50 countries worldwide in just a few minutes. For added convenience mobile users can store multiple payment methods, set options for repeat transfers, save recipients in app for easy repeat transactions, and more.

The mobile app also provides access to real time exchange rates. Users can track the history of their payments and transaction statuses with a few simple touches. Users simply login, view a list of recent recipients, click on a desired transaction, and view their receipt. It’s that simple.



  • Allow users residing in the U.S. the ability to send money transfers to family and friends in other countries utilizing their bank accounts.
  • Provide for secure transactions using passcode and biometrics including fingerprints and facial recognition.
  • Provide transaction receipts and the ability to track payment status inside the app.
  • Allow users to check current exchange rates.

Not only does the money transfer mobile app provide a convenient way for users to send remittance payments through their smartphones, but frees up resources at mom and pop locations once required to process the payments. Payments can be transferred directly into recipient accounts or can be picked up at designated locations depending on the users desired delivery method.

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