Apsima Mobile Chat SDK



The Apsima Chat SDK provides for a world class chatting experience, carefully designed with end users in mind. Our chatting service doesn't just provide a medium for communication within app, but also provides a secure place to send and receive mobile payments. Users can transfer or request money with their friends via messaging.


  • Front-End
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • Back-End

The Challenge

We wanted to provide a Chat SDK and ChatUI SDK for developers to more easily develop connected apps. Apsima, a communication platform, provides capabilities for messaging, mobile payments, and connectivity for applications within a wide array of businesses. Our goal was to allow our partners to focus on the core features of their applications, while we focused on the intricacies of connectivity for them, and developed a platform for other developers to utilize.

It was important to create an SDK that was not only useful for developers, but also for the end-user. Since in-app chatting is vital for real-time communication, we knew this would be the most helpful.



  • Single/Group Messaging
  • Audio/Video Calls
  • Wallet Integration for P2P Transfers
  • International Money Transfer
  • mCommerce
  • Feeds
  • Encryption

Developers can decide to build their own UI and simply add our Chat SDK, or utilize our Chat UI SDK to take advantage of our complete chat user experience. The ChatUI can be skinned to match any desired branding for seamless integration. We wanted to provide options so developers can choose what works best for them and their users.

We can't wait to hear all your ideas!