Top 3 Necessities of Today’s Web Apps

November 23, 2016

Today’s web development technologies are largely unrecognizable from what they were in the early days of IT.  Things have progressed substantially. With that comes not only new expectations but also defining development principles which dictate the modern realms of web app development.  Below we will outline what we believe to be the top 3 necessities of today’s web apps .

User First Mentality

Web app development is so much more than following a blueprint of requirements and specifications. After all, anyone with basic development knowledge can follow a recipe.  It is thoughtful and meticulous user experience design which differentiates a good web app development from a great one.  Doing so simply entails following one overarching principle. Putting the user first, always.  If the user finds your web application cumbersome, challenging, confusing, or anything less than clear and easy to use, they will not use it.  Always design with the end user in mind and continuously reevaluate based on user feedback.


Despite entirely common knowledge of web vulnerabilities, security is surprisingly often overlooked by a lot of web app developers. In the end, it is the clients’ responsibility to ensure proper security protocols are put into place by working with an experienced web app development company that can lay down and execute all necessary security protocols from day one. This may include authentication mechanisms, user based permissions, and more, based on unique requirements.  Overall, security is not something that can be tacked on as a final measure, but is an architectural necessity as today’s users are more sensitive than ever when it comes to exposure of confidential information.

Screen Scaling

Just the sheer range of devices on the hardware side of today’s mobile oriented world makes optimized sizing across devices an absolute necessity. This means building responsive web apps which not only scale based on the device, but take into account the best use of all available screen real estate. Simply shrinking things down is not enough; rather, user experience designers must envision the most optimal experiences considering both limited and unlimited space.

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