How to Hire a Software Development Company

Sourcing the right custom software development company can sometimes be a daunting process. You recognize a need, but where do you go from there? After all, building custom software is not exactly as simple as shopping for a car. And even then you are met with a wide variety of options, from luxury trims to differing sizes, engines, and efficiency. With something as potentially expensive, time consuming and sensitive as custom software development, it is important to find the right fit in a development team. One that understands your business as well as your unique needs, requirements, and objectives. With that in mind, here are a few tips for hiring the right software development partner. 


When vetting potential software development companies, make sure to take the time to thoroughly analyze their existing portfolio. If you are looking to build a web app, make sure they have ample experience building scalable web applications. Better yet, look for companies with similar experience in your industry. If you are a healthcare provider, for example, custom software development will likely involve compliance issues given HIPAA’s regulations regarding personal health information. Finding a software development company experienced in this space will not only be important to the overall success of the project, but will also likely reduce the time and costs associated with development. They’ve been there, know exactly what to expect, and how to build it. Also, make sure to find someone with a long history of successful software development projects. Choosing a more seasoned firm will not only increase your chances for a successful product, but give you the satisfaction of knowing you are in confident hands.  


Off-shore (outside of your country) software development can often be a tantalizing prospect to first timers given seemingly cheaper costs. After all, labor cost disparities between developed and developing countries can be substantial. While at first glance off shore development may seem like a no brainer (after all who doesn’t love saving money!) there are some potential drawbacks one must consider. Firstly, distance. Working with a partner overseas can create challenging barriers to the software development process. Differing time zones, working habits, expectations, and cultural barriers can be challenging to overcome. Secondly, there is no guarantee of delivery. Sourcing a firm overseas comes with risk. You honestly never know who is behind the screen, literally, and what their true capabilities are. In fact, overseas companies often hire unexperienced developers in order to meet demand. Lastly, there is something to be said about seeing the whites of your software development partners eyes. Sourcing a local firm who can meet for regular updates as to development progress and feedback is priceless. 


Just like any successful relationship, communication really is key. When looking for the right fit in a software development company, look for those who are attentive and objective. They respond to and carefully consider your thoughts and questions. They are quick and thorough when responding to your needs. Also, find a firm which matches your communication style. If you find your team difficult to talk to or communicate with it will no doubt impede the overall process. It is important for both parties to be completely and unequivocally on the same page. It is a partnership, after all, and it should always feel like one. Don’t settle for anything less. 

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