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December 14, 2020

In today’s rapidly evolving technological world, web development standards and trends sometimes change faster than they can be implemented. And for this varied purpose, web developers must stay a step ahead of the game. That is why, to keep up with the ever-evolving web trends, our web development team always stays vigilant and well-prepared to create fully functional futuristic web apps for the clients.

The future of web development is based on a blend of digital and ordinary concepts like never before. After discussing the possibilities with our fellow designers and developers in the community, we have gathered some noteworthy web development trends for 2021. Let us explore the future that this sphere holds for us.

Advanced Animations

Animation has always been an integral part of the design industry. However, the use of advanced animations, including interaction design in web development, has increased year after year. From micro-interactions to particle backgrounds, we have witnessed it all. The web animations in 2021 are expected to be more complex yet exciting in terms of dividing the page elements into the foreground and background interfaces, creating interactive design experiences, incorporating floating typography, or crafting a unique 3D parallax effect.

The purpose of interactive animations is to create a brand message that is supported by interactive design features. Since the future is all about engagement, it is important to have the right set of animations that can really spice up your website design and subsequently improve user interactions.

Furthermore, the merger of foreground and background elements in websites will also benefit user engagement; by transmuting the web pages into somewhat closer to a theatre stage, where everything looks up-close and appealing to the eyes. The overall placement and functionality leave a memorizing experience where users are drawn into the resounding performance of different animations working together to present a greater view.

This is something that you can always integrate into your future web apps to stand out and because, by the end of the day, the intent is to hold the users’ attention by presenting your brand’s message the right way.

AI Dev – Artificial Intelligence Development

We know artificial intelligence has been making its way for the past many years, but now it has evolved into a mastermind. Mimicking human interactions and actions by learning them through technology is remarkable. Integrating artificial intelligence in the development of web apps is something crucial for its sustainability in the future. Having a chatbot installed in your web apps can give you leverage over your competitors. You can enhance the user experience by improving web functionality based on data received through chatbots.

Businesses can literally boost their presence by involving AI. From enhancing user experiences using chatbots to creating self-learning algorithms for coding. The possibilities are unlimited. Your business can always stay a step ahead by having web apps that are supported by Ai features.

Having AI chatbots and virtual assistant apps would be the next big hit in 2021 for businesses.

Comfortable Color Schemes

Having comfortable color schemes is the need for today’s web world. With the increase in digital space use, most people spend time in front of screens, scrolling web pages, social platforms, blogs and news websites, etc. Thus, it is not surprising to see that users face eye strain by constantly staring at the web screens for a longer period.

Being a responsible team of web designers, we have been taking this into consideration while preparing for our clients’ websites. The year 2021 is all about creating a concerned and comfortable web experience for users by ensuring that all elements are placed in the right composition, by using color schemes on the lighter side that does not leave an unpleasant experience.

With the introduction of a dark theme this year, in 2021, web designers will be more focused on thinking outside the two extremes – light and dark mode by creating a middle ground to create websites with subtle and cool colors.

Website Design and Development for a Cause

In 2020 the internet has become a refuge for both brands and users (in need). With Covid-19, everything has changed. The patterns in which industries used to operate have been affected. Thus, over the past few months, brands were required to develop sustainable platforms and actionable plans for user engagement and sustainability.

We have seen the internet becoming the top hub for online-conferences, social gatherings, meetings, classes, and whatnot. This pushed the web designers to develop innovative, meaningful, and easy-to-navigate designs considering the audiences who weren’t dependent on online platforms before. And this was just the start. In 2021 we are looking to have websites with impactful designs and functionality that highly resonate with the changing social and environmental issues.

Final Words

In 2021, we plan to continue by providing value-added services to businesses and helping the world through these unfortunate troubled times. If you are looking to revamp your web app, need a new website, or a customized software for management, then feel free to get in touch. Our team at Odyssey Computing would be happy to assist.

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