5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

January 12, 2021

Being multi-channel is one of the key features in today’s modern digital environment. Creating and maintaining an effective presence in those channels that offer direct contact and reach potential consumers becomes a critical challenge. Thus, it is important to plan for the potential channels to have unique brand recognition among your competitors. 

Mobile apps are one of those important channels that need to be addressed effectively and efficiently to focus on a targeted audience. Approximately 3.5 billion people use mobile phones worldwide, checking their phones about 100-150 times daily, which is insane. With such a high usage rate, your business can always present your services to your audiences with your own native mobile app.

There is a huge misconception that only large-scale businesses should invest in mobile apps, and if you are among those thinkers, this post will hopefully make you reconsider it. Nowadays, small to medium-sized businesses are shifting towards having their own mobile-friendly platforms.

If you’re still unsure about whether you should invest in building your own mobile apps or not, then read ahead and explore the top five reasons why your business needs a mobile app:

Increased visibility in front of your clients

A recent survey suggests that on average, a user spends approx. 2.55 hours on their smartphones daily. In fact, most users spend time switching between apps that suit their needs, let it be social or professional. Thus, having your own mobile app can give you an extra edge to showcase your services to your users on a direct basis. Your business can establish long-term relationships with your audience no matter where they are in the world. You can always stay connected. Furthermore, your customer won’t have to manually search for your website URL to gain access to your services or new offers, etc., because they’ll already have your native app installed on their smartphones.

Increased Sales

Your mobile app can help in boosting your sales. The results can be quite astounding based on your customer base and audience retention rate. You can notify users about new promotions, offers, features updates, and much more through push notifications. Another important aspect to look at is that your business can also send personalized messages based on user activity and interaction with the app. 

If you have an eCommerce business, you can offer simplified shopping solutions to the customers on your mobile app by providing multiple payment options. You can also reward your loyal customers through loyal customer memberships or point systems. All of these actions can help your business increase sales collectively.

Competitive Edge 

It’s not like all your competitors will have a mobile app for a small to medium-sized business. For example, if you provide services in digital marketing and search for “digital marketing app,” you may find the results on a broader level. Still, you will not find any prominent number of app results within your locality or city. 

So, localization is the key. You can have a huge competitive edge over your competitors if you invest in your own native mobile app. 

Marketing and Communication

Launching an app is a direct marketing tool and works as an effective communication channel where you can directly pitch and communicate with your customers based on your services. As a business, you can always send out important updates on a mobile app about your recently published content, news offers, or more. 

A series of poll questions, a short survey, direct feedback, and ratings can be gathered from users through the mobile app without redirecting them anywhere else. 

Nurture Customer Loyalty 

Another significant reason to have a mobile app is to build and sustain long-lasting customer loyalty. With all the other information around, such as digital ads, website banners, billboards, flyers, and magazine ads, businesses slowly lose their direct influence on customers because of the massive number of commercials and ads popping up everywhere. 

Thus, it is important to have one’s own mobile app to make a true and more direct connection with customers. Furthermore, it can work as an exceptional tool that could help you stay close to the customers. 

With all of this being said, to attract customers to install your mobile app, you need to have a well-designed, fully functional app. Thus, if you are looking to have your own mobile app development for your business, please contact us. We’d be happy to help you get started.

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