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Odyssey Computing is an industry leading custom software development company based in San Diego, CA. As a top app development company, we specialize in mobile and web app design and development, including enterprise solutions. Since our founding in 1990, our focus has been to provide solid, functional, custom software development solutions utilizing the latest technologies and methodologies.

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We want to bring all your software development needs to fruition. Whether you need a mobile application to expand your business, enterprise solutions for increased productivity and efficiency, or customized software to bring a device to life, we can handle it all.

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Mobile App Development

A pioneer in mobile app development since 1996, we design and deliver custom mobile apps for ...

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Web App Development

We build well-designed, attractive web applications, built specifically with the needs of your end ...

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Enterprise Software Development

We build custom enterprise software to streamline business processes and open the flow of ...

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Desktop App Development

Web apps may be taking over, but desktop apps definitely still have a place in the enterprise ...

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User Experience / User Interface Design

We aim to create not only visually appealing user interface designs, but want them to be user ...

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Software Development Consulting

You don't have to have a substantial development project on the horizon to utilize our expertise We ...

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Cybersecurity at Odyssey Inc

Building Resilience Against Cyber Threats In today's interconnected world, cyber security ...

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Our Process

We like to form close relationships with our clients so that we can better understand all their needs and requirements. We want you to feel as though we are just in the cubicle right next door. The more we know before beginning the software development lifecycle, the smoother the project will proceed overall through the four phases of construction: strategy, design, development, and delivery.

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Development
  • Delivery


Before software development can begin, we assess your goals and budget so we can prepare the best strategy and appropriate timeline for your project. We then do thorough research to decide on technologies and prepare the product specifications and other documentations. All of these resources help guide your project to ensure it remains on time and within budget.


Once strategizing is complete, our talented UX designers translate your vision into detailed wireframes to showcase workflow and basic screen layouts. From wireframes our UI designers create rich and vibrant screen designs. Only when all designs are finalized and approved by you do we move on to the software development phase.


Throughout the development of your project, we constantly look to improve upon quality to meet the needs of your end users. With consistent communication and nimble software development, our team can quickly make improvements without impacting the product’s overall performance.


After the release of your product, we provide dependable support and maintenance to make any necessary quality adjustments. We work quickly and with empathy for your users, resulting in high quality products your users will love.

Our Mission

Our customers are valued above all else. For this we prioritize communication, making sure we keep you in the loop at every turn. We want to ensure you are receiving exactly what you expect, and won’t settle for anything else.

Internal R&D

We stay ahead of the curve by actively engaging in research and development. This is important for providing you with the most advanced technologies to date.

Active Code Arsenal

Over the years, we have compiled a large code base in order to speed up delivery time and reduce development costs for you.

Diverse Clientele

Our clients come in all sizes and industries. We have worked with everyone from startups to Fortune 100 companies and government agencies.


Our responsive development team can adapt at the drop of a hat, which is something larger development firms simply cannot do.

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