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  • I want to thank your team for the outstanding work in developing our state of the art software that allows our clients the ability to enroll into our program online. Thanks to Odyssey, I can proudly say that DebtWave is the first credit counseling agency to bring an online solution to the public. Your team has been a pleasure to work with. You set clear expectations and delivered results as promised. We will definitely be back for any future projects or enhancements! Thanks for everything!

    Michael Marsden

    Executive Director

  • We worked with Odyssey to develop our online app, ShortFall. Their team did a great job managing the entire process and design. We are very pleased with the high quality, polished final product. We had challenging budget constraints and several departments helping with the project as well as timeline delays. Odyssey worked well to meet our needs and we recommend them for application development.

    Jessica Carlin

    Digital Marketing Manager

  • I have been working with the Odyssey team now for just over 1 year. Their professionalism and integrity to get the job done right, far surpasses the expectations that I had originally envisioned when agreeing to work with them. Karim is a great partner to work with, and his 23+ years of knowledge of the different available technologies is vast. We never missed a development goal, and our project was delivered on-time and within budget. You can only achieve this with an experienced team who truly knows what they are doing. I was very pleased with the work they did for us, and would use them again in heartbeat.

    Daniel Peña

    Chief Executive Officer

  • I have worked with Odyssey Computing for close to two years. I find them efficient, profession and very focused on all projects that we have done together. Their knowledge and expertise is of the highest level. I would recommend Odyssey to anyone interested in their services.

    Bob Moyer

    Chief Executive Officer

  • I gladly recommend Odyssey Computing. We used Odyssey to create the first continuous glucose monitoring application on an Android platform using ANT wireless to communicate with our transmitter. They built the application for Android including the low-level ANT interface, user interface features and cloud connection. In addition, we had them encapsulate the ANT radio interface into a library that was expertly architected.

    Throughout the process, Odyssey demonstrated technological competence and solid system knowledge. Furthermore, they were a tremendous informational resource as we learned smart phone technologies and eventually absorbed the code. With the help of Odyssey, this project achieved great success.

    Ken San Vicente

    Project Lead

  • We have had two experiences with Odyssey Computing over the last few years. On both occasions, we developed iPad applications in unique new areas. Odyssey did a great job working effectively with us to understand the initial requirements, views, and animation options for the programs. They effectively helped us to manage the inevitable learning that occurred as the application developed and was tested by user representatives. Our relationship was very positive, productive, and valuable in getting to a great product.

    Odyssey would be my first choice to contact in the future for assistance with any new iPad applications. Their efforts to help define requirements early while, also understanding the need to be flexible during development meant the difference between a product that delighted the user and one that simply worked.

    Bob Kain

    Chief Engineering Officer

  • Thanks to the team at Odyssey for outstanding contribution to success of the PiXiE product. Odyssey intuitively understood Path 1 business objectives, shared in our PiXiE product vision, quickly settled into a distributed software development team, and stayed on schedule and budget. Without hesitation Path 1 recommends Odyssey and we look forward to working together again.

    Bart Schade

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Odyssey Computing Inc. has been a great partner of Ameranth since 1999. Their team offers a unique combination of vision, execution and great value (all together) and have pursued all product development and our relationship in a partnering manner. Odyssey Computing's leaders are visionary - who are technically astute in all respects, while steering a steady course of practical business results – that not only meet, but have exceeded all of our expectations on multiple vital software projects over the last decade. They are a pleasure to work with (actually better said to 'partner' with) since they have approached each of our projects as if it were their own.

    Keith McNally

    Founder & President

  • Symfonee Corporation has been partnered with Odyssey Computing for over 10 years. Odyssey has always provided us with a high degree of technical expertise both in our website and application architectural design and software implementation. In addition, they have always provided excellent real time support for fixing problems or customer requested changes.

    Richard Bergfeld

    CEO & President

  • We have used Odyssey Computing as a software consultant to us for over 10 years. The reason why we use Odyssey is because the deliverables and services they provided are always of high quality and they are extremely reliable in meeting schedule and budget. The competencies we rely on Odyssey to provide us include: software architecture definition, software design, database design, software implementation, web server applications, web client application, desktop applications, mobile applications, graphics design, etc.

    Their strength is user interface design and development of rapid solutions. I have used Odyssey in the past and not hesitate to use their service again.

    Leon Amen

    Technical Director

  • The Odyssey Computing team is very innovative and always on the cutting edge in all aspect of software development; especially in the area of user interface design for web sites and custom applications. The entire team has exceptional ability to adapt and adjust to customer’s changes in requirements and schedule and always delivered the products on time and under tight budget. While working with the Odyssey Computing team for over ten years, their strength is in the ability to turn user’s requirements into working software in a very short time; this allows us to get the products in front of the user faster to get feedback and ensure that the product is on the right track. Odyssey Computing is a great addition to any team for short term or long term projects. I highly recommend their talent to anyone and your products will be done on time and on budget.

    Kun Chap

    Software Engineering Manager

  • I highly recommend Odyssey Computing. I had the pleasure of managing a project with Odyssey (part of a larger project with our customer). Karim and his entire team were timely, responsive, exceeded all expectations, and resolved all issues with professionalism and speed.

    During the project, Odyssey was nominally responsible for developing the software, and a separate company was responsible for designing the final user interface. Because of Odyssey’s ability to listen to the user and implement suggested changes, very small changes to the software were needed when the final user interface design was approved by the customer. This saved much needed time and money as the project came to a close.

    David van Gogh

    Program Manager